February 14, 2008

Asimov at night (one possible configuration)

I was logged into the Grid the other night, and thought I'd snap a few photos of my starter home "Asimov" under evening conditions while I was there; after all, I'm about to empty the model home again, so to free up some prims and do some more construction, and figured I'd get some images taken of the set-up as long as it's still set up. And indeed, this is something I want to emphasize over and over here at the blog about these latest batches of images, that the furniture and lights you see are from other companies and do not come with the house itself; in fact, this is something I do deliberately, in that I think one of the most fun things about being in Second Life is all the excuses there are for incidental shopping (for things like furniture, clothing, jewelry, land, etc etc), a simple joy I don't want to take away from customers by loading the prefabs down with premade furniture.

That said, I'm hoping as soon as possible to get some furniture and lamps/chandeliers designed on my own, to be able to sell through Fabb; as big a fan as I am of the furniture you've seen, for example, I have to admit that they're complete prim-hogs, clearly designed for giant estates and full of unnecessary flourishes that sometimes add dozens of unneeded prims to a piece. I figure that I can make some stuff almost as nice but at a fraction of the prim count; they can then be marketed at the store and online at the same time as the starter homes themselves, for those looking to optimize on prim-count as much as possible.

Anyway, so I'm off after this entry to the Grid yet again, this time to sit down and finally teach myself everything there is to know about artificial lights in Second Life; that will let me create my own chandeliers that will look like the third-party ones seen in the above images, as well as candles, floor lamps, embedded lights for the rooms themselves, and all kinds of other nice little touches concerning the finished houses. And if I'm feeling like it, I'll even take screenshots along the way and write up everything I learn as a little tutorial for here at the blog! You see what I do for you people!?

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